Monday, November 15, 2010

Treasures I find ...

Sometimes when I am walking through the forest, certain pieces 'call to me' and I have to pick them up.  This time it was this partly burned stick, with a wonderful gnarled head.  As I walked along I wondered what I was going to make with it, it even looked like it might become Charlie's chew toy at one point.  It was only as I was approaching home that I was mulling over how it could be a walking staff if it was longer, when my arty mind took over and had the idea to make an art doll who could use it as a staff.  From my medicine doll coursework I still have to make my Talisman doll and this stick is going to be perfect.  So now it sits on my bookshelf and I look at it everyday and spend some time thinking about the creation of my doll.  It won't happen for a while yet - bringing a doll to life takes a long time!

What do you think of my fabric?  The jolly robin fabric is going to be used in my November sewing challenge very shortly.  I was ironing the pieces after washing them for shrinkage allowance when I thought how gorgeous they all looked together.  Yummy colours.  Still haven't worked out what I'm going to make from the troll fabric, but it looked like such fun.  When I was at university I had a small yellow haired troll that I'd bought at a Spar shop!  This fabric was bought through sheer sentimentality!  But isn't it gorgeous!

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