Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's talk about the weather ...

Sunshine trickling through the trees behind our house in early summer
It's been such a fresh day - rain after hot weather always seems to refresh both the atmosphere and the spirit.  When we went for our walk today we could smell the eucalyptus in the air and the promise of clear summer days to come.  Heavenly.

Summer is such an energetic time - people come out of hibernation and enjoy time with friends and families, barbecues galore, spending time in the fresh air after being cooped up for winter.  Summer and its heat revives people (I find staying in the air-con has that effect on me too, but you still need the heat to make that work ...)  I'm really hoping that I'm acclimatizing a bit more and that I'll be slightly less grumpy this year!

I still can't get used to Christmas in the blistering sunshine though!

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