Monday, November 8, 2010

Dare to daydream ...

As I may have mentioned my new favourite hobby is going for walks in the bush with my dog Charlie.  It's so peaceful in the forest, you can lose yourself in your thoughts - as I often do!  The other day I walked past my usual landmarks without even noticing and ended up in a completely different direction to the one I intended.  My concentration was only broken by magpies swooping Charlie as he dared to walk by their nests. 

What was I doing with my quiet time?  Simply daydreaming.  Dreaming about my art, projects I want to complete, people I want to connect with very soon, what I'm going to write about in my blog ... and so it goes on.  But it's healthy to daydream - you become aware of your inner thoughts, dreams for the future, choices you can make, to be inspired.  So I say to you all - take a part out of your day to daydream and just 'to be'.  Having 'me time' is vital to your overall health.  Take some time out :)

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Sally said...

I love to day dream too.