Sunday, November 21, 2010

400 posts and counting ... and other stuff ...

Ooh, it was my 400th post the other day and I didn't even notice!  Just having too much fun blogging!

Today I've been busy doing preparation work - cutting out fabric for some bags I'm making for my 'made-it' online shop, as well as cutting out for Roman blinds.  To be honest I'm not looking forward to making them as curtains and blinds are so functional and not as exciting to make as other things.  I find it really difficult to get going on these projects, but I'm always so pleased at the final result, even after thinking the whole process is boring!

And the photo of the grass tree?  It's a little hint at my next creative blog project - for some reason I find grass trees utterly fascinating and I'm hoping to capture as many on camera as I can.  I'll keep you posted!

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