Monday, July 26, 2010

My new studio

At the end of last week I used my new studio room for the very first time! I was so excited!! Like a kid in a sweet shop – I unpacked my trolley bag of treasures – and spread them liberally across the tabletop. My own creative space!

The silly thing is I’ve had this space available for over a year, but I’ve found all sorts of excuses not to use it. Mostly based on fear. I think I was worried that as it’s a room at our place of work for the family business I’d be pulled into working in the office at every moment. So, instead of talking to my husband about it, I sat on my fears and let them become reality, presuming to know what would happen without actually voicing my concerns. Not good! Just before I started Sark’s course I got so frustrated with the situation that I did bring the subject up – this last week our lessons have been about how to ask for the support we need – wish I’d known how a few weeks earlier, then I wouldn’t have made such a ninny of myself!

Other lessons we’ve been learning from Dream Boogie is to think of ways to do things differently; so instead of making linear lists I’ve had fun making shapes for my ideas to be displayed on as well as using different coloured pens (which I’ve always enjoyed doing, but it used to be because I wanted to make revision for exams more interesting!)

Now I have a beautiful space with a noticeboard already filling up with ideas for future projects, adorned with photos of sunsets and loved ones, and some lovely cards from my babies to remind me what’s important in life and how much I’m loved. Can’t wait to see what creations come out of that new space!

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