Thursday, July 15, 2010

Every picture has a story

As I was looking through my photos tonight looking for something to post about, I was drawn to this one which shows a small corner of my bedroom, and is proof that my little creations are dotted everywhere throughout the house!  Each element has meaning to me - the green hexagon is a crochet experiment and is now a soft pad for my pebble which I brought back from a holiday in New Zealand; the tiny bundles of wool are the ends of the skeins of wool I used for my recently finished afghan - they're waiting to be tied into one length so I can try 'magic ball' knitting.  The dragon was a gift from my sister a long time ago, and is special because I collect dragons and because it reminds me of her (as the gift-giver, rather than that she is like a dragon ...)  The red in the background is part of my cantilever jewellery box that my husband made for me out of tobacco tins when we first met; it houses all my very special little items I don't want to lose.  You might also be able to see an outline map of the UK which is on my visionboard that I try to look at everyday to keep me focussed on my dreams - and I want to be able to visit my home country more than once every 8 years!!  Most of these items are resting on a pile of books - books are amongst my most favourite things in the whole world and like my arty-facts are distributed liberally through the entire house!  In fact we sometimes wonder how we fit the family in with all my stuff taking up so much room.  And you thought it was a photo of a messy little corner - everything has its own story!

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