Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy bee me ...

Spent my day working on a website for my paintings.  Having such a lot of fun.  I'm only using a ready made site-building template, but it looks quite good.  I'll let you know when it's fully up and running.

Tomorrow is my last day being a full-time at home mum :(  I'm going in to help my husband with some admin work as from Wednesday as everyone is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and I'm quite happy to sit and do the routine, labour intensive tasks.   Just don't ask me to answer the phones and do the sales routine - I'm pants at that!  We tried before and it was a disaster, so I'm going back on the condition that I don't touch the phone (my husband's work condition, not mine!) 

So, I'll be rushing into Spotlight tomorrow to pick up a few things for my crochet and knitting projects currently on the go, as well as a pair of suede sole for some slippers.  Then off to the shopping centre for some props for my website.

As you can see, I managed to fit in some time for some craft this evening.  Still going strong on the afghan - finished 74 out of 120 squares.  Determined we will be warm this winter!

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Sally said...

Wow - you're really speeding along on the afghan now. I'm getting all excited about seeing it.