Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tea break and a little clue ...

I meant to write this yesterday but I was so tired I forgot! Yesterday I was looking after a friend's little girl and we had a really great day, but I've forgotten how much energy you need with a little one! As all my lot are at school now it was really good fun being able to spend time playing in the park, searching through all the shiny 'treasure' (plastic crystals and beads) at the craft shop, then going home to play with a washing-up bowl full of water, putting plastic toys into it and taking them out again. For hours ... The simple things in life, what a lovely day.

This is one of my favourite mugs - a picture of fancy yarn of course, in my most favourite purple hues, it's a real comfort thing - drinking tea (my favourite!) out of a mug illustrated with fluffy wool. Yum. Also in the picture is part of a mindmap for that new project I mentioned the other day - can you read the writing? It's for a website I'm starting principally for my paintings. It's a medium I love, but I don't do as much painting on a day to day basis as all the other creative stuff I do. So, it's my blog for everyday creativity, including paintings and a website just for my bigger paintiings - I won't need to update the content as regularly and it can take ages for me to finish a painting! It's certainly keeping the creative part of my mind working, it's such fun and another way to express yourself in cyberspace - the site I visit is and at present I'm just using the basic, free programs and apps until I know what I'm doing!

Talking about new applications, I'm off to try and put a ravelry button on my sidebar. Could be tricky or not - will let you know ...

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