Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going potty!


I think I remember telling you that I'd made a couple of pots at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago.  Well, today they came home to my house to live!  I was so excited!  They've been fired in the most amazing glazes and have turned out a treat.  Very organic!  The plant pot was made from slices of a rolled piece of clay, into which I pressed sheoak seeds and other natural items : the slices were then laid against the inside of an existing plant pot and the edges smoothed together to make a pot.  The platter was made again with a piece of rolled clay, which was put on a form and into which I pressed more gumnuts and seeds.  Takes me back to school days when I used to love messing around with clay.  Great fun.

Could not resist taking a shot of the pots together with the sun shining on them

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Sally said...

What are you going to grow in there?