Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A day in the life of a mum ...

Look at this for an Easter masterpiece!  It's the Easter hat parade tomorrow at school, and the creation of this little beauty provided a much needed respite from an otherwise gloomy day :( 

I've had one of those days when I've been wondering when life as a mother gets more exciting ... a huge pile of washing up, toys everywhere, dinner menus to be worked out, school routines to sort out and supervise, and to top it all I've had to do the data entry for our bookkeeper which is my most BORING job ever.  (But very important I know, and bookkeepers are very nice people, but I don't like it!).   As I plodded up to do the school run I met one of my friends who's had a similarly frustrating day and we both discussed the necessity of a girls' day out.  Maybe we should start an on-line mums support group where we can bemoan our state with each other.  Having said all this,  I love my kids dearly, they are my treasures and I do enjoy being a mum; guess sometimes it feels a bit thankless.  Though I know from the hugs I get I'm loved and appreciated by them.  And just look at that hat ...
:) xxxxxxxxx

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