Monday, March 1, 2010

Slow crochet

It's another crochet show and tell day! At present I'm probably averaging one granny square every other day, which I don't think is bad going as I've had to make allowances for carpel tunnel syndrome. Which is improving by the way - I'm wearing my wrist support when crocheting and when sleeping!

Well, the cream squares are for my bedspread afghan. I thought the granny square challenge would be a wonderful excuse to make some useful things for the house. I'm using the Spotlight Basics 100% wool for this project. The other squares are made from acrylics I have in my stash. The links for the patterns are here for the cluster square I'm using for the afghan (I've made a teeny variation by adding another round of double crochet to the edge) and for the two white squares with various bobble stitches. The link for the flower square is here - it's now one of my favourites, you have to concentrate for the first time, but the result is well worth it and once you've made a few I suppose it becomes second nature.

I'm going to make up the discrepancy between number of squares and days as and when time and my health allows. I am absolutely determined to have 365 squares by the end of the year!

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Sally said...

WOW - I just noticed the new banner!!! Looks TERRIFIC!

Loving the crochet too... you bedspread afghan is going to be sensational. Those squares are magic.
The other ones are fun too.