Monday, November 3, 2008

My quilt is finished!

I wanted to post this last night, but the light had gone and I couldn't take my photo of my quilt, of which I am very proud. It's what you might call a freeform quilt, that is to say I didn't follow the usual quilting conventions when I made it! I saw a lovely quilt in a home magazine and immediately wanted to make one similar, using silky fabrics and velvet. So I didn't have time to equip myself with a rotary cutter and quilting ruler, I measured the rectangles with a ruler and cut them out with my trusty dressmaking shears and hoped for the best. I do now own a rotary cutter, which is fab for cutting everything, including body parts if you get them in the way (ouch). Seriously, keep them out of reach of little fingers, and your own, because they are deadly sharp and could cause a lot of damage and gore.

I did learn a lot from making a fair few mistakes, for example, I had to undo my tacking and smooth all the layers out again, because I hadn't started tacking from the middle as you're supposed to. Ooops - made a few ripples before I realized but it all adds to the character, and it's on the back so no-one will notice. I am very pleased with my shiny, tactile and cosy quilt.

The photo came out quite well - I've got a bit of the evening sun shining through our windows, and reflecting off the gorgeous satin. The teddy you can see in the background is one my mum made for me to take to university (19 years ago - my word!) Thanks mum! It still travels around with me!

Quite a crafty post tonight, a refreshing change after doing some bookkeeping (which I hate, but someone has to do it!) Even writing about creativity gives you a wee buzz after a busy day, good medicine for the soul.

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