Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank you!

Saw on the news yesterday that it was Thanksgiving Day in the USA, so thought I would have my own post-Thanksgiving Day - as we all know an attitude of gratitude makes us feel much more positive about life. So I would just like to give thanks for all my family here and abroad, and for all my fabulous friends - you know who you are! I'm glad you're all part of my journey!

Will hopefully write again later today - I'm a bit cross with myself for not blogging more. When I was in the planning stages I was rather optimistically thinking I could write one post everyday, so I should be up to about 70 days from the day I started. Ooops. I'll hopefully post an extra here and there to make up the days! Must say I've really enjoyed the experience though, it's helped with my creativity in that I actively think about it and bring my attention to it, I'm planning more 'works' and the writing itself is a creative act, which means I'm packing much more creativity into a week. For someone whose creativity is a lifeline this can only be good!

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