Saturday, November 22, 2008

Any type of creativity counts

Yesterday I was asked to make a shield. I was quite relieved to have something to think about as I was feeling a bit low - that little black cloud of depression sometimes still hovers on the horizon! Anyway, I really got into my activity, finding a suitable box to pull apart, drawing the dragon, putting it all together in such a way that it will hopefully last a week or two... By the time I'd finished it, just over an hour, I felt completely different, much better to my relief. All it had taken was to be present in the moment as I was creating. I've tried 'being present' to combat feelings of anxiety, but hadn't really thought of using the technique for those times I feel low. I will do so in future! Funny how the little things can help, hey? Happy to report that the shield met with my client's approval, although after having seen the ones used in the film 'Gladiator' he now has slightly bigger ideas. Think he'll have to wait a bit for that one!

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