Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016

I am starting this year the way I mean to carry on, by writing my blog.  I lost my blogging mojo this year after Dad was gone, but I know he would be wanting me to carry on and I feel ready to give it a try.  One day at a time.

My New Year has started slowly, but has involved food on many levels!  Really tucked into the Christmas pressies of chocs and jelly babies today - no.3 asked today if it was our unhealthy eating day and I told him it was indeed, but that he didn't have to worry as we would be consuming green smoothies and raw veggies tomorrow.  He didn't look that impressed.  I've also baked bread (in a bread maker but don't tell anyone) and made a quiche from scratch - broccoli and goats' cheese, which is a lot yummier than it sounds.

And although he wasn't brought up in the UK, our youngest has just developed a taste for Twiglets - I've only recently discovered that our local English shop sells them, hence the reason for the deprivation.

On a totally non-food level I have also found some time to do some sewing - finishing up a swimsuit I cut out last December and fiddling about with the Dottie Angel dress to make it fit to my liking.  Two things to blog about right there ... I only have one thing really for my New Year list and that is to learn how to use my Dad's DSLR camera properly, then he'll be helping with my blog.

So I'm starting 2016 gently, with no great expectations of myself, just a hope for heaps of creativity in all its many forms.  It feels good.

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Chris said...

Right there with ya!