Friday, January 22, 2016

Sadness returning ...

So much for me finding my blogging mojo in 2016 - I think it's still in hiding, but let's carry on anyway shall we?

I don't mind admitting that life has been hard to navigate since Dad died.  A deep sadness prevails, and sometimes it feels like the world is just a colour wash instead of its usual bright hues.  But there are still good bits, my chooks are funny companions, a family of 6 now; C-Dawg loves me unconditionally; my family supplies me with a myriad of hugs and a hug fixes everything :)  

expressing my depression several years ago with 'the walls of my prison'

It would seem upon reflection that the old 'black dog' has come back for a visit.  I read a blogpost by Therese Borchard the other day about relapse of depression and wanted to share the following quote from the article as it really resonated with me, and may provide a flicker of all important hope to others who need it - you only need a little light to start spreading ....

"Sometimes the act of getting up in the morning ... and putting on your shoes, trying to tackle another day when you feel so defeated, and so completely dead to the world, is the most beautiful act of courage there is. Sometimes the agreement to hang around for another day on this earth despite the raw pain inside is a warrior’s act of bravery and integrity."

When you feel the lowest of the low, it's heartening to think you have courage and are a warrior - it was such a completely different perspective I was deeply touched by it.  The rest of the article is well worth a read, just click on the link above.

Therese wrote an article on writing a self-prescription of things to do on a regular basis to help build resilience.  I think we should work on that together sometime :)  I promise to write some more posts on a happier note, starting tomorrow with something that made me smile muchly a couple of weeks ago ... :)  

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