Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Australia Day everyone :)

This cow is nothing to do with Australia Day, but rather is a clue to where we have just spent 2 lovely, relaxing days and nights with friends who moved away from Perth - in the lovely country town of Cowaramup!  It's much better if you say the name out loud, it has a lovely ring to it!  There are plasticky/concrete? cows up and down the high street, and some even have 'moo' sounds emanating from them!  Nearly as impressive as the real camels I saw sharing a field with cows on the return journey to the big smoke.  I kid you not, - yes I thought I was seeing things too, but the other passengers in the car verified it for me.

I had to include a pic of my lovely Christmas present made by my Mum, it slowly made its way here, was unwrapped in a rush and very much appreciated by its new owner.  My favourite mode of transport in my arty dreams, in my favourite colour, on a squishy, soft cushion cover made with lots of love - another little lift for the spirits :)

One thing I did take away from the break was that I really am too stressed most of the time and that I need to make some big changes - will 2016 be my year to stress less?  I hope so.

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Chris said...

You can't help but smile at that cow!