Sunday, December 8, 2013

work, work, busy, busy, bang, bang!!

I know, I know, I've been away for quite a time.  It's silly season and I'm even busier than usual for this time of year as I'm helping my hubby to move from current business premises to a new store.  What a time to do it hey?  So I've spent the past few days scraping paint off shop windows and putting more paint on walls.  Somehow I will find the time to organize Christmas.  Thank goodness I made the Christmas pud, cake and mincemeat in November.

Thankfully it's not all been all work and no play.  Here's a peek at some rabbit slippers I'm making - here they are in ginormous mode.  They look much better after 2 goes in the washing machine, but I will have to save finished product pics for after Christmas Day as they're a pressie for my sis.

I've also made some gorgeous plushies for my niece and nephews.  As they are not yet fans of my blog I feel I can safely post pics here :)  The pattern is called 'Acute' from Melly and Me, and it's fairly easy to make, apart from those antennae!  Follow the tip about fray stop - I used Mod Podge for fabric and it definitely stopped a lot of frayed fabric and tempers!

I really enjoyed the embroidery, and added the felt hearts for lots of love from Aunty Lara!  The tummies are made from some fabric I used to make pjs for the kids last Christmas.

There's also been a lot of thinking going on, and I have plans for my blog.  Time for a new look I think, but all that creative stuff will have to wait for New Year.  How are your Christmas preparations going?

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