Monday, November 18, 2013

A grumpy mum's doodles ... and more kangaroos

We had 9 kangaroos in our garden last night, plus a baby in it's mum's pouch.  They are so gorgeous!  Apart from the ticks, which aren't so great ...

Anyhoo ... isn't it peculiar how protective one can become of one's offspring?  Big B is learning to drive and I am supervising driver for the moment as he completes his 25 hours pre-test driving practise.  It's a nerve wracking enough experience without silly numpty young drivers being aggressive because of some imagined slight!  We had pulled out of someone's drive with plenty of room and time between the car behind us, who proceeded to drive at warp factor 10 and drove up our bottom!  My driver was serene and contained as he negotiated the hill and intersection up towards our house, whilst I sat quietly fuming and wanting to hang out of the passenger window telling the impatient little twerp behind that we were learners, although probably not that politely.

Big B just drove me home ... good boy, at least one of us acts our age :)

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