Sunday, October 13, 2013

Camping fun

We are having an adventure tonight!

When I say 'we' I mean Little Man and his big sister, who although she will be 18 very soon, is almost as giddy with excitement as her younger brother!  

Happiness is ...

But I can't lie, I've been looking forward to snuggling up in a sleeping bag in a tent outdoors.

Though outdoors in this case is our very sheltered and safe backyard :)  We unpacked our igloo tent this morning, and I must say Little Man and I did a splendid job on putting it up and making beds from a bedroll, yoga mat and fluffy blanket.  Batteries were found and lanterns hung from the centre strings on the 'roof'.  Then as the sun shone through our camouflage net covering the tent, the two kiddies sat inside it for hours, reading books, playing on their DS and generally having a great time together.

Now the real fun begins, and as I type this I have a very enthusiastic Little Man looking over my shoulder, asking when I'm going to change into my pj's because it really is time to go to bed now.

More magical moments being created to be remembered with fondness in the future.

Yup, it's magic :)


Mike Bandy said...

Do you remember camping out in the Orchard at Longham View?

Sally said...

Brilliant! Hope you all had a fantastic night.