Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happiness a teaspoon can bring :)

Teaspoon in its new home with my favourite teapot

Whilst walking today I realized I've been feeling blue lately because I'm homesick.  Don't get me wrong, I love my home in the hills and realize what a special life I lead here.  But family and my homeland keep pulling me back in my thoughts!  It's always a bit difficult to settle back in after a visit home, but I'll get there.

So I was thinking of 'home' when a parcel turned up for me today.  Ever so tiny.  But very special, from my dad.  He sent me a silver teaspoon with a teeny tiny Australia decoration at the top.  I was expecting that as I'd had an email warning me to look out for the delivery - but I didn't expect the lovely detail such as the kookaburra sitting on the side branches.  Isn't it lovely?  And really uplifting to get a parcel from home, from my dad who had sent it because he thought I would like it.  It's definitely heartwarming to know that somewhere in the world there is always someone thinking of you.  Thank you dad. xxxx

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