Monday, September 26, 2011

For the boys ...

Creativity has been focussed on the Little Man this past week - a birthday cake for a recent birthday party and army pajamas finished today!

For the cake I went for simple and yummy!  Little Man lent me some Lego Star Wars  figures although he had no idea what I was up to until he had his party.   It's a space base made from choc sponge, a tube covered in foil to make the joining tunnel, with some foil bits to look more 'spacey'.  Ta dah! 

I made these pajamas today from fabric I've had for over 18 months.  He's complained about the cold for the past few days (we've gone soft after being away from the UK for so long!) and as we do have a few weeks left until summer is in full swing I thought I'd make the pj's at long last.  Although at one point I did worry that our power cut this afternoon was due to me having both my sewing machine and overlocker set up side by side ... found out at school that the power cut extended to Midland, so knew then that even I couldn't be responsible for that :)  Really enjoyed the sewing, and the smile on Little Man's face said he doesn't mind me making stuff either.  xx

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Sally said...

Awesome PJs.
... and yes hasn't the weather been cold???

Cool cake too. My big boy is just starting his 'star wars' phase. So excited. I love 'star wars' too :)