Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting creative with Mr Potatohead

Wandering around the house today I found this little masterpiece by Little Man.  I just love it.  Thinking outside the square potato ...

Since my last post, things have been looking up on the feeling normal scale.  I've restarted my beret which I frogged the other night (ripping it out; rip it - which sounds a bit like 'ribbet', hence the term 'frogging' - witty people, knitters :))   Made my dad think jet lag had finally got to me and I was speaking gobbledegook!  Anyway, I will probably finish it as spring approaches and have to put it into storage!

I'm definitely feeling more crafty, even getting out my overlocker and completely re-threading it - not a task to be taken lightly; those of you who own an overlocker will know what I mean.  I can feel some sewing coming on ... 

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