Sunday, August 22, 2010

The face of spring

Our visiting cat enjoying the sun
Very springlike today.  Lovely weather!  Even the poor old daffodils are confused as to what the weather's doing - we've had snowdrops out already.  Spring isn't here for another 2 weeks.  But I do like seeing the flowers beginning to emerge.  There's something about yellow blooms that really brightens the day.

For the August sewing challenge I've decided to do two small projects as the challenge was a choice between embroidery and smocking.  Well, I've finished a small embroidery project already (and am mightily impressed with myself that I've managed to finish something before time!), and I'm also hoping to make a small gift bag with smocking detail at the top as my other project.  Thought I would keep it simple this time!  I enjoyed making the shirt last month, but it certainly was a challenge - just drafting the pattern made me nervous!

You can never have enough pictures of daffodils

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Sally said...

YAY for spring indeed. I love this time of year. Good on you for getting your August challenge done already. I think I'm not going to make the deadline for this one ... still there is a little bit of time left... but not much!