Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August sewing challenge nearly sewn up

Here are my two offerings for this month's challenge which was embroidery/smocking.

I didn't know if smocking included the embroidery so thought I'd make two tiny projects.  Feeling very pleased with myself that I have finished the stitching for the projects, although both pieces are to be made into something else - which I will probably do tomorrow, show pics and maybe have a giveaway ...

First time I've ever, ever, ever done smocking and I am just a teeny bit proud of myself.  The photo shows the guiding threads still in there - are you suppposed to take them out?  Hey, who cares - I've smocked!!!  Yippee!

Oh and I'll post links tomorrow too, as these projects are quick and fairly easy if everybody leaves you alone to concentrate :)


Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I say bugger the tiny bit proud, you should be as proud as punch of that smoking, it’s sensational!

Carolyn said...

thats amazing! I woujld be super proud of myself too!

Love your work!

Sally said...

Oh so very very very brilliant. Love your smocking so much. Perhaps one day we can meet up and you can teach me how???