Monday, April 6, 2009

Preparation ...

Here's one I prepared earlier - on March 17th in fact I think I posted a photo of my bag before felting. Well, here it is after being wet felted, and I am pretty pleased with the result. The bag is a lot sturdier and more structured, finished off with a wooden button for closure. The bag is knitted in Panda Woolbale which is recommended for felting, and this did felt quite easily - it took about 20 minutes of rubbing with soap and hot water to achieve this result. After it's all finished I take down notes of the whole process so I can remember which wools work best, and how much the shrinkage is.

Today has been a fairly busy time - we are preparing to go on holiday to New Zealand for a couple of weeks. We've organized someone to look after the house and now I'm rushing around ironing and finding out what everyone wants to take. Tomorrow will be last minute errands in town as we leave really early (yawn) on Wednesday morning. I'll have my wee laptop with me, so I should be able to take some photos and post them. My luggage will be partly clothes and partly art materials as I'm sure there will be lots of inspiration! New Zealand is a truly amazing place, we used to live in Auckland so we will be spending most of our time there, but we're also travelling to Raglan for a couple of days which has a large artist's community - I can't wait! We'll be visiting the art market on Sunday, so the rest of the family won't see me very much!

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