Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello from New Zealand

A tiny wee note to keep me in the habit of blogging. I've been so busy travelling around this awesome country and visiting old friends that I've forgotten to blog - oops! Here's a link to a blog I follow by a Norweigan knitter which is well worth a look at; it's a post about not feeling obliged to blog, which is very apt at the moment! Actually, Turvid has copied this link herself from another blog, so it's obviously a message that wants to be spread through the blogosphere!

Tomorrow (or maybe the day after, who knows?) I'm hoping to post a few photos of our time in Raglan. For now I'm off to finish my glass of wine and do a few more rounds of crochet - yes, I really did pack a whole load of art and craft, and even better, I've found the space and time to do some.

Hello mum and dad :) xx


turvid said...

Thanks :)

violette said...

would love to see your pics Lara!

HOpe you had a great time.

Love, violette