Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

Phew, what a day. I've been busy doing ... what? One of those days when you just get busy with kids and school runs, family shopping and so it goes on. Sometimes I think I'm mad to be trying to set up my own arty business, because let's face it when am I going to find the time? I need to re-read yesterday's blog and take it one small step at a time, and not expect everything to happen overnight.

On a day such as today I need to focus on my intentions and get excited about why I'm doing this. I want to show projects in progress, finished items I am proud of and want to share with the world, inspire others to have a go at being creative. I also want to share my 'research and development' happenings - I've got a few craft activities I haven't tried before or first did when at school and not touched since then that I want to document. Then there's the more mundane side, such as researching blog etiquette and working out issues such as copyright. It should all mean I'll never get bored!

Suppose I have to accept that there'll be high days and low days - not that today was really a low day, more of a 'what on earth am I doing?' kind of day! Frustrating, but it will pass!

Hopefully we can work out how to connect the scanner to the PC this weekend and I'll be able to upload more images, including doodles of mine - now doodling - that's a whole other subject ...

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