Sunday, July 14, 2013

Snoozy Sunday

The softest most marshmallow-y scarf in the world!
Today has been a lovely traditional snoozy Sunday.  Sitting on the sofa watching telly, kids snuggled up to me, playing I-Spy with Little Man in a sunny bedroom, watching as the rain clouds drift across the sky and change the light.  Knitting and finishing a scarf for HB for her winter journeys to uni.  Making chips and gravy for lunch; naughty but nice :)

And this evening, Little Man influenced by watching 'Come Dine with Me' organized some entertainment.  Actually he was very good at delegation to be honest - he got his big brother to make the paper airplanes for the 'race' and his mum to write out the jokes for the dinner guests to share after eating!  But he had put in a lot of effort really as he'd already laid the table, complete with napkins and helped with the washing up, so it was only fair to join in with the spirit of things.  Lots of laughs ensued ... and hardly any X-box or game consoles in sight ...

Our plans for tomorrow?  Well, after such a restful day we may go up to the oval and practise some bike riding, and maybe make a leisurely trip to Spotlight as I have been commissioned to make some Ninja headgear and I've discovered I don't have the correct needles ... and the client is not prepared to wait very long.

How was your weekend?

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