Monday, November 5, 2012

Art Every Day Month - day 1 (for me)

I have a little secret ... haberdashery wise I mean :)  I've told you about my ric-rac and buttons fetish before, but have never shared my secret love for ... bias binding.  And I don't mean shop-bought, mass produced bias binding, I mean the handmade, pretty patterned kind, that can be custom made to match the outfit you're making.  Sad I know, but even sadder is the fact I've been doing a happy dance tonight because I managed to make 4.2 m of bias binding out of 2 shirt sleeves.  The shirt is being made into a new blouse for work, and I need the binding for the neckline and armholes - so I custom made it - it took a couple of hours and now I'm a happy bunny indeed :)

Other blogworthy news is that I've found something else to give me creative blog prompts for the month of November, you can read more about it here and join up too if you want to.  As my first day is 5th November, a very important day in British history, I felt inspired to sketch my own little bonfire as we don't celebrate the date here in Oz.  It's helped me dust off my watercolour pencils and paintbrush too as I've decided to do some more arty stuff; it will be interesting to see what I've created in a month's time. 

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Hilary Johnson said...

I don't think that's sad! I can totally relate to your happy dance. :o)