Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A room with two views

Oh ... my ... goodness ... have I been feeling strange today!  There appears to be some sort of mutant virus doing the rounds, everyone has differing symptoms though the common ones are feeling dizzy, fluffy headed and vaguely queasy.  So I've been wondering around hoping that no-one would want to speak to me as I couldn't concentrate on anything, and was more than likely to fall over into the bargain! 

Instead I spent my day being kind to myself, drinking tea (but of course!) and being gently creative.  This involved painting some of my spirit dolls which I will be selling at the autumn fair.  I really should share some photos of them belong too long.  Anyway, whilst replenishing my strength this lunchtime I was sitting in one of my favourite spots and thought it would be nice to share them with you too.  They are my creative thinking spots, and I'm lucky enough to have 2 in the same room!

As it's summer and we have no need of the fire, we like to have a change about and move the sofa in front of the fireplace, where I'm sitting now, giving us a view of the outside and my fantastic, oversized red chair which was a Christmas present this last time round.  I've always wanted a really huge chair that I can curl up in with room to spare, and one was found!

Swapping sides and sitting in this gorgeous chair I can now see my lovely fireplace sofa, complete with pile of crafty, inspiring books and magazines.  It's also the dog's favourite spot for a kip.  Can you see the row of tiny, knitted and felted hearts?  They will be for sale on the school's craft stall - I have been very busy!!  They are so cute I'm not sure how many will actually make it to the stall ...

There you have it - a little peak at my little world of creativity and inspiration - where's your favourite place for contemplating the world and what you want to do next in it?

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