Monday, March 26, 2012

Autumn Fair Afterword

What a great community event the fair was yesterday - people as far as the eye can see!  And my little stall a part of it all :)

I was really pleased to sell some of my arty spirit dolls as I enjoy making them, and really put my heart into them.  It was great to see that people enjoyed reading the labels I'd made for them too - I figured if you give a painting a title, you can give an art doll a title too, as well as a little story of its creation and meaning. 

As well as enjoying chatting to friends and other mums, I made a list of things that made me smile and grateful for the day:

My best friend helping set up the stall
Duncan going off into the village to get us coffee to keep us going!
Selling 2 of my dolls to friends who were there to support me xx
Possibility of work in the future helping others with creativity
Encouraging an older lady to go buy some canvas boards, brushes, paints and have a go at painting - she was so lovely :)
Friends seeking me out to give support and have a chat
"You've got really lovely art" - a young visitor to my stall.  Bless you xx

Taking a week off painting, sewing and crochet - I'm going to spend the time spring cleaning the house and making it look a little less like a messy art studio and more like a home.  "Honey, I'm back!"

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