Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple thank yous ...

Oooh, I've so many creative goodies to share, I'm going to have to do it over a few posts!  Today it's time for some honourable mentions for my birthday - I had so many beautifully thought out gifts; a fluffy, feathery soft scarf in purple (my favourite colour) and some crystals to light my way in my new business.  And some gorgeously special handmade gifts, such as my chocolate cake made by a friend and her little daughter and the amazing card above - each hexagon has been individually cut out and stuck onto the card to make a paper quilt.

And so many others gave their time in sending greetings, making gifts, phoning with birthday messages; I felt very spoiled and very loved.  Thank you so much xxxxx

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Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

Oh Larissa, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday .. I'm only just catching up on a bit of blog reading :(

I'm so pleased you had a special day. Love and light from Brighton xxx