Monday, December 5, 2011

Hearts and words ,,,

Hearts because I love them, blue because that's how I was feeling at the start of the day :(   Better now - listening to my body and having a sleep in the day helped, but my best therapy was writing - the old fashioned way in a journal with a pen :)   Mostly gobbledegook, a list of things, annoyances, feelings and so on, it won't make sense to me, let alone anyone else in months to come.  But wow, did I feel lighter!  I even managed a small sketch for an art quilt I want to make at the end of the blah, finding a way back to my creativity ...  It's something I'd recommend to any of you struggling with what you want to say, how you are feeling - write, write, write ...  It's a great idea to write a letter and put down your thoughts and feelings - you don't have to send it.  It's just important to get the words and your feelings out!

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