Monday, December 19, 2011

Baking to relax

Hectic!  But finally a day when I can calm down and do some cooking instead of rushing around doing Christmas things. 

Today I made a birthday cake - a little bit late - but what a cake!  Using my friend's recipe for the best ever chocolate cake, topped of with lots of cream and strawberries.  As it turned out to be quite a light cake I thought I'd go for the torte type.  Really pleased considering at one point the mixture looked curdled at the end and I thought I'd blown it - still don't know how I managed to curdle the mixture when it's an add everything and mix recipe.  Tastes great though and the recipients were very pleased :)

Thanks to my assistant Little Man who helped with cream and strawberries - nothing to do with being able to eat the leftovers I'm sure xxxx

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Chris said...

Ooooh, looks yummy x