Friday, April 22, 2011


This is a pic of me when I was mucking about trying to take a shot for my profile photo.  I prefer the one I'm using at the top of my blog, but in this one I look quite happy so I like it because of that.

It's not really relevant to today's post, apart from the fact I was very pleased with myself because I fixed my gluegun!  See, I can make a link from anything - creativity of a different sort :)  The gluegun had been lying in a box in a sunny place through the summer (oops) and the glue had melted inside and all over the gun so that it wouldn't work properly.  We try to fix things first in this family before going out to buy more; less clutter, less waste.  So I had to have a try!  I removed the glue with an art knife, which required patience but now I have a properly working tool. 

I'm trying to be very good with my dressmaking too, going to my stash when choosing a pattern, rather than rushing out to buy more fabric.  To be honest I've got enough fabric to make clothes for the entire family for another couple of years.  Some of it's vintage I've had it so long! 

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Chris said...

Woo hoo look at you!