Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This one's for you dad ...

Here I am back in the swing of things with my blogging. I had a break because I simply didn't feel like blogging - I'd got myself into a dreary place and needed to take the journey alone. I know I've always said here that I would be honest about my travels with depression, but sometimes there are places only I can go! So I have been writing in my more traditional paper journal and exploring my emotions and feelings. As my guide I've been reading Navigating Midlife: Women Becoming Themselves - by Robyn Vickers-Willis - it's a brilliant read especially if you're approaching the 'middle stages' of your life and feel like you need some direction. It also basically explains that the so-called 'midlife crisis' is totally normal and that both men and women go through it anytime from the age of 35 onwards. I've completed the book and the accompanying exercises and feel like I understand myself a little more and am going to treat myself kindly!

Anyway, I have been very creative today, as the photo above shows. Robyn recommends finding new hobbies or interests to nurture your inner spirit - and I decided to use my bead weaving loom to make a beautiful bracelet for a friend (which is why I've only shown the start and not the finished product in case she reads this!) I actually had the loom hidden in a cupboard since last Christmas and haven't used it until today - this book inspired me to have a go at bead weaving - it's great fun.

My other creativity was more like creating havoc - in the kitchen. I was commissioned to make cup cakes for afternoon tea, which I duly did; it was a beautiful mix. Unfortunately, I went off to play on the Wii Fit whilst they were cooking, got a bit carried away and overcooked the cakes because I forgot about them. Ooops :) But the good thing to come out of all of this is that my Wii Fit age is now only 26 years as opposed to 52 years old about 4 weeks ago :) It took a long time to get over that disappointment I can tell you.

So there you go - I am back after my hiatus, just like Robbie Williams. Sounds more like a medical condition doesn't it? Well, I made a promise to myself that I would have written 250 posts by the end of 2009, so I have to keep going to reach my target. Plus, my dad has asked me to keep writing, so this one's for you dad - told you I'd write tonight!

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Sally said...

Good to have you back.