Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just had to post pics of our artistic endeavours of today! We saw how to make these little critters on a kids' programme and decided to have a go ourselves. They are really easy if you want to have a go yourself - we're planning to make smaller ones, paint them gold, use massive amounts of glitter then hang them up for Christmas.

What you need:
Air dying clay, cotton buds (Q-tips), piece of wool or string, paints, glitter, anything else fun to embellish with.

How to make your monster:
1. Make a loop in the end of your piece of wool, push it into the middle of your lump of clay (not too big as you want to be able to hang it up and the clay is quite heavy). Really squidge the wool in the middle and roll clay into a ball with the length of wool sticking out.

2. Cut off one end of each cotton bud and push into the clay. I made a tripod of legs so the monster could stand up whilst I painted it, whilst the other monster has more of a wild hairdo - let your imagination guide you!

3. Make 2 (or more!) eyes from clay and stick them on. Be prepared to stick them on with glue after drying as we had to!

4. Let monster dry, approx 24 hours.

5. Paint and glitter in true monster style.

I know this project was on a kids' programme, but it was so much fun!! Don't know who had the most fun come to think of it ...

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