Saturday, March 21, 2015

Trying something new

Life has been hectic and I have let a lot of things slip, not just my blogging.  I've not even been creating that much, just doing my chores, seeing lots of people and eventually wearing myself out!  Then I read a blog last night whose author said she is only going to blog once a week, on the same evening each week, as she is so busy; she also said she was telling her readers what to expect so there were no surprises.  I thought this was a pretty good idea and began thinking about when my ideal blogging day would be to make sure I get it done.  So I have decided to give it a go at the weekends for now.  My excuse for not blogging before was that I'm too tired from work but as I have the weekends free it would seem sensible to try then.  And here we are.
At the moment I am determined to finish some projects before moving onto new ones - I'm just amazed at how many works in progress I have lying around!  This is one that's been in the making for several years - back when I was doing my 'granny a day' which if I'm not mistaken was back in 2009!  Bit of a shocker when you can put dates on projects :)

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