Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mandala Magic

This was my day at work.  Drawing.  Yes!  My kind of day :)  I do a craft session once a month as part of my work, and as you probably guess, I was happy as a pig in mud!

I even got some other people drawing and colouring in, and a few protests of 'but I'm not creative!' - a few did take up the challenge, I'll get the others next time :)

These are my demonstration model mandalas. 

We just used plain old office copy paper, small plates to draw the circle, some templates to draw around (made from an old cereal packet!) and some coloured pencils and oil pastels.  Easy and cheap, and lots of fun.

We had a relaxing evening too.  Little Man* came with us for a walk in the woods with the dog.  He challenged his dad to a run, and off they went.  I caught up eventually, I just can't run without my sports bra - it's pretty dangerous - ha ha!  It was good to see everyone happy from expending some energy and just running for the sake of it.  I must say since we moved our wee man from one school to another, he's been much happier and has his old bounce back.  He's even (and this is the best bonus) stopped playing on the X-box so much.  He's happier playing Lego for longer and joining in activities like our evening walk.  Almost as if the X-box was escapism from his unhappiness at school ...

* I really need to think of a new blog name for him - he's getting enormous and is nearly as tall as my mum!  Maybe I'll ask him what he thinks ...

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Janet said...

I want a job where I can spend one day a month drawing!!