Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mother's Day tart - and I don't mean me!
Hoping that all the mums around the world have been spoilt on Mother's Day - mine has been a little different, starting with picking up HB from an 18th birthday party sleepover (not great timing girls!); having a walk in the park with friends and our dogs, and having dinner cooked for me.  Little Man did come into our room this morning with presents carefully chosen from the Mother's Day stall at school and a big hug.  Then he went off and made Marmite on toast, and brought it in on a silver tray :)

The treat to myself and the family was the lemon tart I made for dessert - we all had second helpings whilst Duncan was on the phone.  I can't actually move from this chair now, which is ok by me as the fire is roaring and I'm all toasty warm.  Might have a sleep when I finish this ... lovely xxxxx

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