Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This has been my craft of choice today - I've rather overdone the hexagons and gained myself a quilter's injury - I've made the end of my finger sore with the eye end of the needle pushing into it (and sometimes through the skin - ouch!)  So, I couldn't bear to sew anymore.  No need to worry about infection as it's been cauterized too - I burnt said finger on a hot dish when cooking this evening!

The cardigan is called the 'Shalom' cardigan - you can find the pattern on Ravelry I think.  I've never knitted a yoke before, and  am quite impressed at how easy this has been, especially as the whole jumper is knitted on circular needles, which means no seams - yay!  I've used 'Chantilly' by Moda Yarns, from Spotlight.  I chose the yellow because I loved the colour but don't use it that much and the yarn was so soft to the touch.  Unfortunately as I 've been knitting it's rubbing up and I think I'll either have to give it a soft brush or a trim with tiny scissors to make it look neater when I've finished.  If the winter weather continues after today, I'm not really going to care what it looks like as long as it keeps me warm :)

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Chris said...

Love the colour Lara x