Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Being a tourist part 1

First of all I'd like to thank my dad for his help with uploading the photos - it's great to have a tech aid on this side of the world too!

Thought I'd share a few photos of my first couple of days being a tourist, which I must say I'm enjoying enormously :)

Here's a pic of the lovely British summer.  Dark and damp, just how I like it - now you can understand why I find Australian summers a little challenging.  Don't worry about the gravestones, no meaning to it apart from I love looking at old gravestones and it was part of a visit to:

St Pancras Church in Widecombe - yes, of the Uncle Tom Cobley and all fame.  An amazing place, the history just oozing out of the flagstones.  Another obsession of mine, stained glass windows:

And a bit of art - this time from our visit to Castle Drogo.  From the pics I've seen before of the granite exterior it seemed to me to be an austere place with no atmosphere.  How wrong could I be!?  It's incredibly homely and feels as if it's been filled with love as a family home, and I must admit to loving the absence of modern technology.  I have a hard time reconciling my love for all things old fashioned and my love for modern gadgets such as my iphone, kindle, etc, but hey I'll learn to live with it :)

Oops where was I going with the arty bit?  Oh yes, look at these beautiful tiles!  I was attracted by the patterns, then saw the little picture tiles in the corners and was smitten.  I'll have to post another photo with more detail in the future, for now this is all you get whilst I'm technologically challenged ...

My day was truly made when this little fella came up and posed for a photo for me.  Isn't he absolutely gorgeous?  My most favourite bird in the whole world is the robin, and I'd already taken quite a few photos of him in less exciting poses to make sure I did get a photo of some sort, when he perched right in front of me, tilted his head and seemed to be saying, 'this is my best side'.  Just divine.  It will be printed out and framed when I get home ...

So far, having a fabulous time really enjoying my time in my home country.  What's been your favourite moment of this week?


Chris said...

Love those tiles, and the robin is my favourite bird too!

Sally said...

Those tiles are stunning!

ARTwendy ... said...

loving your red robin's "best side" ... he is truly sweet ... what a wonderful experience ... Cheers