Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First day of school ...

Well, what an action packed day it's been!

You may remember that I was slightly anxious about the start of school yesterday, as was my Little Man.  I needn't have worried - he's in the same class and on the same table as his best mate so I was waved away pretty quickly this morning!  Phew ...

Then on my walk this morning a baby Dugite snake whipped out of the undergrowth, flashed past my foot at a distance of 4 inches and whizzed into the grass trees on the other side of the path.  In the meantime, I'd let out an unnaturally high squeak and set a new world record for high jump from a standing start.  I don't know who was the most scared!

I had to sit down and calm myself by looking at the library books I took out yesterday.  One of my favourite treats is to visit the library on my lonesome and spend untold time looking for the best crafty books and other items of interest.   Pure bliss. And I found some beauties yesterday.

Image from 'Knitorama' - R Matthews
Just look at this gorgeous 1930's bra pattern!  I've thought of a way to make it part of a dress, for a much smaller person I'm thinking.  I would love to knit it to wear, but I'd need too many balls of yarn to make one to cover my frontage!  :)  What's the craziest thing you've ever wanted to make?  Did you make it?  Let me know!

Ooh - the pattern for the great undies is from 'Knitorama' by Rachael Matthews - it's such a fab book, go out and find a copy!!


Sally said...

What an exciting day... and I'll be putting in an inter-library loan request asap :)

Travelin'Oma said...

The bra picture totally cracked me up! Thanks for the comment. I love connecting with other bloggers.

Janet said...

Yours is the second snake story I've read on an Australian blog in the last week. Now how am I ever going to convince my DH to go to Australia if people keep coming up with snake stories?? I just won't tell him :) Please make that bra and show us it - I think it would be beautiful.