Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spent today touring around Langkawi.  Part of it absolutely terrified as we were travelling up the side of a mountain, dangling from a thick string in a storm.  The famous Langkawi cable car that is - and it had just started raining and blowing a gale as we approached the summit.  And yes, some mean person did take a photo of me looking ABSOLUTELY PERTRIFIED!!!!  Now back on terra firma and deciding I like that best thank you very much.

Creative activity of choice at the moment is photography - and this is a great place for it.  Even, smelly, busy old Penang gave us some fantastic photo opportunities.

View from 7th floor of our hotel

Down the street from our hotel
And on Langkawi ...

Happy hour ... :)

Watching the world go by
Next time I write I might, only might mind, delight you with photos taken from the mountain (including one where I look like I might faint with fright).  What fun ...

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