Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Perth Skyline

This post has a bit of a timelag - these pictures were taken on Boxing Day. We had a real treat and booked ourselves into a hotel for the night. The kids had asked to go to the Boxing Day sales (first ones ever in Perth city apparently!) and as we hate going to sales and all the busyness that ensues, we thought we'd have a refuge to bolt to after the event! We needn't have worried really as by the time we arrived at 3pm, most people had grabbed their bargains and it wasn't any busier than a normal day in the city. Good fun though, the boys went and did 'boys' stuff' at the model shop, and we girls went off shopping to the Japanese shop and book store.

As the sun went down, I gingerly walked out onto the balcony (8 floors up) and saw this amazing sunset. I really see myself as a country girl, but this time I could appreciate the cityscape for its industrial beauty. It looks like it could be on a different planet at dusk. Also it's further proof that no paint created can match the colours of nature. We don't often see this view of Perth. Must admit that although we enjoyed our adventure in the city we were glad to be back in our haven in the hills the next day!

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